New look Ecodor packaging

Nieuwe verpakkingsvorm Ecodor consumenten productenEcodor will shortly launch their new packaging for their products.

This new packaging line is characterized by bright and vibrant colors combined with elegance and stature. The colour scheme of each bottle is determined by which of our odour eliminating products it contains. We are proud of our environmentally friendly products, and part of that pride includes our recyclable, environmentally friendly product presentation. After a reliable and quality product, the packagin & presentation..... 

Wij informeren en inspireren de consument via de website en op het verpakte product verwijzen wij de consument naar deze website via een QR-code.


Blokker België is de winkelketen die deze producten van Ecodor binnenkort als eerste in haar winkels verkoopt.


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The World of Ecodor

The World of Ecodor

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