Does your dog continually urinate in the same place?
hond-plast.gifDo you struggle to get unwanted urine, vomit, blood and other odours out of your furniture, doormat, dog basket or floor?
Do you have an older dog and your house constanlty smells of the typical "old dog" odour?

Now there is something you can do to prevent this!


By using EcoPet Odour & Stain Remover or UF2000 combatting urine odour,  you will find that the stains simply disappear, and odours are quickly and effectiively eliminated naturally.

There are various different reasons why a dog may urinate in the house.

One reason is urinary incontinence - frequently urinating in small amounts at a time. (Uncontrolled urinating) Urinary incontinence can be symtoms of various illnesses and disorders. Submissive dogs tend to greet you with small puddles of joy. Aging sterilised bitches also tend to loose control and urinate in the house. 

Apart from uriniary incontinence, dogs may just urinate indoors, instead of outdoors. Examples of why dogs urinate in the house are, puppies that haven't yet been house trained or, males that are trying to demarcate their territory, often found with dogs in puberty.

It is advisable to get professional advice from your vet if your dog suffers urinary incontinence, or just urinates in the house. Unfortunately there is not always a solution to the urinating. Whether small amounts or large amounts of urine, one thing is for sure though, urine is always going smell bad!  The odour will draw into wooden, or stone floors, and cleaning materials only mask the smell temporarily.

Our odour control products do not mask the odours, but eliminate the smell without perfuming. You can use UF2000 to help prevent dogs to from repeatedly urinating in the same place, and to permanently remove the smell. UF2000 is a powerful odour eliminator that effectively controls the urine smell that may have drawn into furniture, or wooden, concrete or carpeted floors.


If you have an aging dog, you will know that they don't always smell great. Many people will lay blankets in the dog basket, on sofas, or other places where the dog likes to lie, as they are easily washable in the washing machine. There is now no need for this with EcoPet Odour & Stain Remover! Just spray EcoPet Odour & Stain Remover on the places that your dog likes to lie every now and then, and the odours, and stains will disappear.


EcoPet Odour & Stain Remover is also handy if your dog is in heat, or if your dog vomits or drools. You can easily neutralise unpleasant odours, and simply remove unsightly stains from (for example) the dog bed, couch, chairs, rugs and carpets.

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Ecodor products are unique in that they control odours without the use of environmentally harmful chemical and / or masking products. The plant enzymes in Ecodor products act as a catalyst, accelerate the decomposition of the odour producing bacteria. Ecodor products are non toxic, non irritating, bacteria-free, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The packaging contains no propellant.

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