EcoHome is ideal for neutralising unpleasant smells in and around the home. e.g. kitchen, toilets, nurseries, refuse containers. It will remove cooking and tobacco or tabacco smoke smells.

EcoHome destroys odour molecules in the air naturally, causing the smell to disappear instead of simply masking it.

EcoHome does not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

EcoHome is made from harmless vegetable proteins, dissolved in water.
This makes EcoHome safe for use in the immediate vicinity of humans, animals and food. Contains no propellant. Leaves no stains.

Instructions for use:
EcoHome can be sprayed in the room and/or directly onto the source of the smell. For the best results first clean the source of the smell and/or remove it. Spray EcoHome again if necessary.
Cooking smells, smoke/tobacco odours, refuse containers, toilets.
Also for use on floors, furniture, sinks, etc.

Belangrijkste voordelen van deze fles met revolutionaire spray technologie: - Fijne mist spray zonder gebruik te maken van drijfgas - Houder niet onder druk, voorkomt oververhit gevaren door de zon - 360º spray voor handig gebruik - hervulbare eco-vriendelijke fles.





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