EcoShield is a specially developed liquid that tackles the smell of vegetable and garden waste at the source of the odour.

When EcoShield is sprayed over the odour source of a smell, it offers dual protection against odour. Firstly, an insulating film covers and prevents the release of more odour, and secondly, the odour producing molecules are absorbed and degraded by the enzymes in the viscous liquid.

The catalytic effect of the enzymes in EcoShield ensure the accelerated decomposition of the odour molecules.

Due to its viscous nature, once applied, EcoShield provides effective protection over a long period.

Depending op the nature and size of the odour source, a number of different methods of application could be selected. For applications with a (relatively) small odour source, it may be practical to use a low pressure atomizer, or even a paint roller.

One of the applications where EcoShield has already been successful is preventing th odour from household organic waste / compost. (Vegetable & garden waste)

EcoShield is biodegradable, 100% safe for humans, animals and the environment. It is not perfumed, and ready to use.

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