UF2000 is a powerful odour remover that effectively destroys the smell of urine. In places where the smell of urine is undesirable (for example in nursing homes or hospitals), UF2000 offers an environmentally friendly and effective solution.


UF2000 against urine odor does not mask the smell of urine by adding extra perfumes, creating a mixed smell, but it destroys the penetrating smell with enzymes. UF2000 against urine odor is very efficient on hard surfaces (concrete, stone, walls, wood floors etc) but can also be used for rugs and carpets, mattresses, etc.

Target groups: Health care sector (nursing and elderly homes, hospitals, mental health care etc.), professional cleaners, (public) lavatories, child care centres.

Can be applied on hard surfaces: removing urine smell from the joints, but also for parquet floors, laminate, gravel floors, carpet, walls, doormats, beds, mattresses, furniture, couches, stone, rugs, tiles, etc.

Usage Instructions:

Determine the location of the urine. If it is difficult to determine the exact location of the urine, please use our urine stain detector. Spray directly on the urine affected area. The entire affected area has to be covered with UF2000. Make sure that sufficient UF2000 is sprayed on the urine affected area and allow it to soak in properly. The quantity UF2000 should be at least equal to the estimated amount of urine. Wait a while. Do not scrub or rub it in. The treated area should be allowed to dry naturally.

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Instructions for use

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